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Sunday, 17 December 2006

Hello and Gooday!
Good News! For any Inspirational Writers out there, I’m interested in buying articles from you - anything range from school projects, college papers, university articles that you might have accumulated from your pass.

The reason I’m doing this is because I need articles for my website - and I’ll be glad to be paying for them. However, please take note that these articles MUST NOT be published anywhere on the Internet (MUST be your original work) and you have the exclusive rights over it. By submitting these articles to me, you will agree to transfer the rights of ownership to me and I will have further publication rights.

Once you send in your article, I will thoroughly review it and quote you a price. To be eligible for payment, you will need a PayPal account for me to bank in the cash.

Some of the areas that you can write on:-
Article | Audio Product Review | Interview | Business Profile | School Review | Restaurant Review | Real Estate Buying Tips | Fundraising Events | Video Game Review | CD Review | Research Document | College Research Paper | Movie Review | Humor Clip | Travel Guide | Lesson Plan | Original Composition | Original Music Video | Car Review | Hotel Review | Short Story | Consumer Tips | Nightlife Review | Neighborhood History | Concert Review | City Activity Guide | University/College Review | How-to Guide | Product Review | Travel Tips | Stock Tips | Daycare Review | Nursing Home Review | Editorial | Tech Advice | Reviews of Local Attractions | Vacation Journals | Store/Restaurant Openings | News Clip/Press Release | Entertainment Guides | Weekend Happenings | Local Service Provider | Video Product Review | Video How-To Guide | College Video Project | Political Commentary | Original Song
However, keep in mind that the content of your article must be global content - Eg if you are doing a research, the company must be based in the US. Also, I will accept articles in English only.
For payment, please allow 2 to 4 weeks for me to review your article(s) thoroughly, and make the arrangements to bank in your PayPal. I will send a notification email to you.
Email me if you have further questions. I hope to hear good news from you.
Admin -
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a few questions
written by Pranav Gore, January 29, 2007
i live in india.. would i still be eligible to earn the money?
written by DotMySpot, January 30, 2007
Sure thing, anyone witha PayPal email can participate. I\'m accepting articles on SEO, Tips & Tricks on how to make money online, How-to\'s, and Product comparison/review. Articles must be 500 words long.
one last question
written by Pranav Gore, January 30, 2007
can i send you reviews on restaurants and places in india? or does it have to be US based only? and to what id do i send you the articles?
written by DotMySpot, January 31, 2007
Not really preferable - only accepting articles on the above mentioned topics at the moment. sorry
are short stories accepted?
written by Pranav Gore, January 31, 2007
i write short stories myself. can i send them to you?? i guess they\'re acceptable. and also on what mail id do i send you?
written by DotMySpot, February 01, 2007
Pranav, I\'m not sure what to do with those articles, probably i could use it in the future - cause this blog has a different focus. Anyway if you have short stories, you can try posting them at Associated Content or Constant Content. That way you can make some money there as well. You can refer me using the link below

Associated Content

Thanks for your comments smilies/smiley.gif

Associated Content


#PS: Happy making $$
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written by exinco, February 01, 2007
Is this secure or trusted method.
...2 to 4 weeks for me to review your article(s) thoroughly..

how do i know, my article accepted or rejected? And if rejected, is that \'totaly rejected\', because you already read the content for 2-4 weeks.
2-4 weeks
written by DotMySpot, February 02, 2007
Yeap it\'s 2-4 weeks. If you tried PayPerPost or Blogitive or which ever Paid-to-Blog sites, they actually verify and credit your $$ 30 days after you submit and publish your articles. I need to verify your article to see whether it\'s copied or not. I\'ve got alot of methods and of course it takes time. Once I\'ve confirmed I\'ll credit into your PayPal. It\'s similar to other Pay-to-Post sites.
Great idea!
written by kumiko, February 07, 2007
Just wondering roughly on average how much you would pay per article? I\'ve got more articles than sites to publish them on!

Pay Rates
written by DotMySpot, February 08, 2007
This is just for reference:

400-500 words - $3-$5

Depending on the quality of the posts.

Low pay if:
If good contents but lousy grammer
Bad contents, good grammer
Duplicated copy

Good pay if
Good content + Good grammer! smilies/cheesy.gif

written by wicked Jaz, February 23, 2007
smilies/cool.gif hi there jaz here ,, if you really pay for article\'s then you are reading the right message..i can post the articles of your choice...
written by jm, April 14, 2007
hi! till when do you need the articles? is this a continuous offer or you\'ll stop at a certain date?
Make Money Online
written by Lady Influence, August 04, 2007
i would love to show my articles to you but i don\\\'t have paypal as there is no paypal in the Philippines. how about e-gold? smilies/smiley.gif
written by joe, March 19, 2008
how do i know this aint a scam? id submit my articles and then you'd just publish it after a couple of weeks without paying me...
$$$ Dollars$$$
written by Maaz Qureshi, May 13, 2008
i am from Pakistan My father is very rich But i want to make money from my hands so i choose this
$$$$$$RiCHIe Rich$$$$$$
written by Maaz Qureshi, May 13, 2008
i write short stories myself. can i send them to you?? i guess they're acceptable. and also on what mail id do i send you?
written by uk dress, October 25, 2010
i write short stories myself. can i send them to you?? i guess they're acceptable. and also on what mail id do i send you?
written by fadhelbashay, November 03, 2010
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