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Apple $99 Smart Battery Case PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 December 2015
Well, anyone selling Apple accessories would surely be rich, as clearly, the Apple smartphone is definitely one of the best selling smartphones in the market. And since the Apple doesn’t really pack a good battery pack onboard, it looks like users would need to look for alternatives in order to feed more energy into their machine.

Previously Mophie was the dominant provider for the smart battery case for Apple smartphones, and it looks like they won’t be the dominant one any longer. Apple has just recently unveiled their Smart Battery Case, in which one can purchase for $99. The Smart Battery Case can be outfitted onto the iPhone 6, and iPhone 6s, and gives the phone an additional 1,877mAh of battery capacity. Personally, I find the Smart Battery Case to be an abomination in its design.

Apple $99 Smart Battery Case
Top Rated Electric Guitars PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 December 2015
I’ve been playing the electric guitar for so many years now – I can even play my favorite tunes blindfolded anytime! Of course, being a guitar enthusiast, I do have a sizable guitar collection at home, which I treasures the most. In fact, one of my Top Rated electric guitar is none other than the Gibson. Better yet, I got my first Gibson electric guitar when I was only 10 years old as my birthday gift, and I have been treasuring the guitar ever since. And since Christmas is just around the corner, perhaps I should shop for yet another electric guitar that I can add into my guitar collection.
Microsoft HoloLens PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 06 December 2015
When Microsoft unveiled their very first HoloLens not long ago, I find that particular technology to be superior when compared to other comparable technologies, like Google’s Glass. Of course, it seems Microsoft is making headway for their HoloLens, as they are prepared to take the technology to the next level, by encouraging app developers to submit their holographic app concepts to them.

Apparently, Microsoft wants to make their HoloLens a huge success, and part and parcel of widespread adoption is by offering consumers a wide range of apps that they can use on their HoloLens. Microsoft wants as many HoloLens app that it can get hold off, and I’m guessing they will have a grand unveiling on the potential of this particular technology in the near future.

Microsoft HoloLens
BBB Rating For Winter Online Shops PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 06 December 2015
Whenever I shop online on a new website, I’d perform a simple check on the company’s credibility prior to making the purchase, as the research helps me establish whether I’m dealing with a good reputable company. And just recently, I discovered a fabulous website that sells winter clothing called Cozy Winters, and I did my due diligence by researching on Cozy Winters Review and I discovered that they have a good BBB rating, which certifies them as a legit and honorable web-based company to deal with. Thus the next time you would like to shop online, be sure to find out more about the company’s BBB rating prior to purchasing as that would definitely help save a lot of headache for you!
Microsoft To Announce New Windows 10 Devices On October 6 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 15 September 2015
Well when Satya Nadella took over Microsoft as the head chieftain, he certainly made a strong debut in the operating system market, as he definitely did help spice up things for Microsoft through various transformational ideas that would definitely place Microsoft as the mainstream player yet again. And with the Windows 10 already pushed out into the market, it looks like more goodies are set to hit the streets.

Apparently, Microsoft will be organizing an event on October the 6th, in which Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella would be addressing the crowd in New York City. The briefing would commence at 10 AM, and it will highlight various new devices that would operate on the Windows 10 platform. Amongst the goodies are none other than the Surface Hub, and there’s also the Surface tablet, Lumia smartphones, Xbox One and PC devices, too. Personally, I find the HoloLens to be the prime highlight based on my personal preference.

Microsoft To Announce New Windows 10 Devices On October 6
RealFeel PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 15 September 2015
I have a group of musician friends who get together at least once a week to jam their favorite tunes. In fact, my musician friends also play music in tourist hotspots – not to make money out of it, but rather to perform to the public for free and this gives them the opportunity to show their passion and talent too. Well, one of the musician is a drummer, and he knows how to drum on a full-fledge drum set, and he also knows how to play simple tunes through compact drums too. One of his compact drums is none other than the RealFeel drum pad, and whenever they have a live performance on the streets, he would tug along his RealFeel drum pad and play some awesome tunes.
Google Chromecast Celebrates 2nd Birthday PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 26 July 2015
Who knew that the Chromecast would be such a huge success? In fact, critics would label the Chromecast as a fad device, whereby it would be in fashion for just a year before fading away into oblivion. Nevertheless, it looks like the Chromecast has beaten the odds and they are now celebrating their 2nd birthday the grand style – and you even get to enjoy freebies in the process too!

Generally, Google is giving out a couple of promotional offers to their buyers, whereby you can opt for free movie rental and gain access to their Play Music for 90 days. Of course, Google did something similar last year, but the audio subscription was online complimentary only. Generally, this particular deal will be available until December the 31st, so you’ll have a long way to go and get the deal!

Google Chromecast Celebrates 2nd Birthday
Every Catalog Under The Sun PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 26 July 2015
Whenever I have some free time at hand, I would definitely whip out my smartphone and browse through various famous online shopping portals for discounted items and irresistible deals. To tell you the truth, I dislike queuing up at the shopping mall to pay for my purchases as I find it a real hassle, and I prefer online shopping as it eliminates the long queue at the cashier, and I can get the best deals through a simple click of a button. Every Catalog under the sun can also be found online, and it’s really easy to search and locate for things that I need through various web portals. One quick note though, you should only purchase from online shopping portals that are trustworthy, and are highly recommended by other online shoppers, as I am sure the shopping experiences from such portals are truly magnificent indeed. Well, the next time you are shopping for something, perhaps you should try online shopping instead, as I’m sure you’ll find the entire online shopping experience to be very interesting indeed.
Samsung Galaxy A8 Is The Thinnest Smartphone PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 July 2015
Well, the smartphone race can be categorized into a few categories, namely, the fastest smartphone based on the Antutu benchmark, the smartphone with the best camera, smartphone that is the lightest, smartphone with the best battery life, smartphone that is indestructible, and more.

And when it comes to the thinnest smartphone, it seems Samsung might just be the one to cling on the title, as the company has just released the Samsung Galaxy A8, which has a rather thin form factor. Basically, the Galaxy A7 is powered by the Snapdragon 615 chip, which comes with octa-core processor. Other features include the 5.7-inch 1080p OLED display, 16-megapixel f/2.2 rear/5-megapixel wide-angle f/1.9 front camera and 2GB of RAM. Also, Samsung crammed a 3,050mAh battery inside, which makes it carry more power than the Galaxy S6’s.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Is The Thinnest Smartphone
Guitar for Fat Fingers PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 July 2015
Sometimes it’s difficult for someone with fat fingers to play a guitar with narrow frets, as clearly, your fat fingers would overlap the fret and distort the chord. Generally, there are guitar for fat fingers if you take some time to search around the internet. On the other hand, I love playing the guitar, and whenever I get my hands on a good guitar, I’ll be jamming for a couple of hours with that respective guitar. Also, I like to enhance my guitar’s sound with various guitar accessories, and I find most of such investment to be very fulfilling indeed, as the respective accessory can definitely help make my guitar sound better.
Neato Robot Vacuum PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 27 May 2015
If you don’t have time to clean your house, or if you despise cleaning your home by sacrificing your weekend, then perhaps you should invest some of your money on a good robotic vacuum cleaner that can definitely take the load off your house cleaning sprees. Of course, if you are searching for one of the hottest robotic cleaners of the 21st century, then perhaps you should take a closer look at the Neato robotic vacuum cleaner.

The Neato robotic vacuum cleaner operates on a laser-guided system when cleaning your floors, in which it would scan the entire area in order to map out the floor space of your home, and it would start cleaning afterwards. The latest Botvac D75, D80 and D85 series use a spiral blade brush which allows the vacuum cleaner to operate quietly and the cleaning abilities have been enhanced too.

Neato Robot Vacuum
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