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Saturday, 30 December 2006
When I saw this promotional banner somewhere on the Internet, I thought, YOU MUST BE JOKING?! This is the cheapest web hosting service I found anywhere on the Internet! Before I subscribed to, I tried to find a reliable and good 0.99 cent web hosting package. I thought 0.99 cent was cheap, heck I didn’t know that they had 0.83 cent per month web hosting by 1WebSitesHostingPromotions!

This web hosting package is designed for webmasters with minimal needs. If you need only a small amount of web space but a lot of advanced features, this package is for you! At less than $1 per month, you will have a web hosting package that suits your basic needs! This offer is unique to 1WebSitesHostingPromotions, and NEVER BEFORE seen in the web hosting market.

While searching for a cheap web hosting service to host, somehow I didn’t believe that THESE cheap 0.99 cent web hosting services is anywhere reliable. One thing struck my mind – the company will go bankrupt and disappear in a matter of time. And trust me, many did disappear! Further back in time, even before I had the intention to start a web portal and earn money online, I saw this web hosting service, MalaysianHoster (or something like that). It was only $1++ per month – the cheapest and darndest thing I saw. I almost went and sign up for it. But luckily I didn’t – few months down the road, I couldn’t find the site anymore. Imagine ALL your hard work went down the drain, just because your web hosting company went bankrupt and disappear. I wouldn’t want that to happen.

Though the package that 1WebSitesHostingPromotions offered is no where near fantastic but for 0.83 cents per month or $10 per year this is what you’ll get (I picked the criteria that is most appealing only):

  • 5MB Web Space (OK not so appealing here)
  • 10GB of bandwidth per month – which is quite fantastic when you just pay 0.83 cent per month
  • Fantastico – this is where you can install all sorts of applications, mostly FREE (many fantastic applications available if you run Linux)
  • POP3 Email accountunlimited (now we’re talking! I paid $3.99 and I get a limit of 500!)
  • Subdomainsunlimited (my host limits this as well)
  • mySQLunlimited (I have only 10 accounts, I used 3 already)
  • ftp accountunlimited (I can have only 1 account)
  • WebStats
  • and many more goodies….

Here’s what they are running:

General server information
Operating system - Linux
Kernel version - 2.4.30-gator_r1
Machine Type - i686
Apache version - 1.3.33 (Unix)
PERL version - 5.8.6
PHP version - 4.3.11
MySQL version - 4.0.25-standard
cPanel Build - 10.8.0-RELEASE 58
Theme cPanel - X v2.5.0

Well this package won’t do if you are planning to create a web community or anything near that. However, if you are planning to set up a few basic web pages and EVEN doing your own business online, this is something that you can look at. They even provide you with a 60 day money back guarantee! You can even host your blog in their web server if you want. But please take note, if your blog is heavy on graphic, podcasting or even flash, get a better package because this won’t do! You will fill up your 5MB of web space in just one day.

If you are interested, click here to look at their hosting packages.

Happy hostin'!
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