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Monday, 21 May 2007
I’m pretty fed up with Vizu. I’ve been running this program since the beginning of the year and I’ve only accumulated $10.24 as of this month. The earnings ratio is pretty low especially half of the money goes to Vizu. I think the smarter ones is Vizu as they get everything in half. For example if a higher income earner earns $10 a month, Vizu also gets $10. If Vizu has 10 advertisers but advertising on 1000 sites, Vizu is actually making an obscene $10,000 a month!

Vizu Balance

As revenge, I’m charging Vizu $10 a month for the poll rental. Previously I was stupid enough to put $1 for each poll. Then HongKiat and Cely advised me to put either $2 to $4. Now I’m pretty fu**ed up I’m blowing their wallet for $10

Vizu Scam

Not sure whether any advertiser will choose my blog, but heck I won’t be receiving any payments until next year by the rate that I’m going. Vizu pay me $10 or you get the boot. Not to mention the bad publicity that I will be pouring over you


PS – I wonder what will Vizu be doing with the funds that they are holding on? You’ll need to accumulate $50 to be eligible for payment. What happens to your $49.99 with Vizu? Earning interest rates from banks?


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Vizu Response
written by A.J. Kohn, May 22, 2007
Thank you for your feedback and concern regarding the payment of balances under $50. At the end of each quarter all balances under $50 will be paid to publishers via PayPal. Those not using PayPal will be paid balances under $50 on an annual basis by check.

The money earned is always yours.

Like Google Adsense, publishers receive a portion of what clients pay for Vizu polls. Clients will select sites based on the topic of a site, the amount of traffic a site receives and the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) a site charges.

As in all marketplaces, clients gravitate toward sites which provide the best value for their money.

Publishers may change their CPM rate in an effort to encourage client purchase. In your case, the $10 CPM does the opposite.

Vizu wants all of our publishers to earn as much as possible. Your success is our success. Please contact Vizu support at


This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

if you have any more questions or concerns regarding your account.

Once again, thank you for your feedback and your continuing participation with Vizu.

All the best.

A.J. Kohn
Director of Marketing
Hi there John
written by DotMySpot, May 22, 2007
Hi there John, thanks for stopping by.. really appreciate it very much...

You said that the balance would be paid out after each quarter.. it\'s already May.. and nothing has been credited into my account.. even Google has updated their quarterly PR.. it\'s confirmed that one quarter of the year has passed.. and no payment..

Well.. i just noticed that this money earning opportunities is not suitable for low traffic blog.. yeah i know my blog sucks @@\", but it\'s getting better.. i\'m just speaking out for the rest of other low traffic blogs, they won\'t be paid just like me.. they will have to wait till next year to get their payment if they are making like $2-3/month.. i also noticed that most of these low traffic blog has STOPPED using your poll system as i believe that they are in the same situation as me.. earning $2-$3 per month... and there\'s no possibility of payment till next year.. Furthermore i went and read your payment TOS and found no clause that you guys will pay quarterly.. if this just word of mouth?

All i\'m saying is that your $50 cap is pretty biased towards high traffic blogs and lower traffic earn crap without the possibility of even getting the money.. well if you say vizu pays quarterly i would like to see it in black and white and the actual payment for last quarter of the year before giving you the thumbs up.. or unless the cap is reduced to $20-$25 or something which is much more acceptable..

Thanks for visiting...

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