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Wednesday, 23 May 2007
Vizu Poll SystemA.J. Kohn the director of marketing for Vizu actually responded to my previous post on my website. I’m not sure many have seen the response but you can read his comment below:

Thank you for your feedback and concern regarding the payment of balances under $50. At the end of each quarter all balances under $50 will be paid to publishers via PayPal. Those not using PayPal will be paid balances under $50 on an annual basis by check.

The money earned is always yours.
Like Google Adsense, publishers receive a portion of what clients pay for Vizu polls. Clients will select sites based on the topic of a site, the amount of traffic a site receives and the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) a site charges.

As in all marketplaces, clients gravitate toward sites which provide the best value for their money.

~reply continues~

Publishers may change their CPM rate in an effort to encourage client purchase. In your case, the $10 CPM does the opposite.

Vizu wants all of our publishers to earn as much as possible. Your success is our success. Please contact Vizu support at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (my program censored out this) if you have any more questions or concerns regarding your account.

Once again, thank you for your feedback and your continuing participation with Vizu.

All the best.

A.J. Kohn
Director of Marketing

If you have not read my response, I’m actually pretty concern about low traffic blog that has been promoting Vizu since day one. I believe that high traffic blog has their cut for appending the widget into their blog. Even LiewCF made quite a lump sum in the past from Vizu. How much? I have no idea – he claimed a couple of hundred of dollars.

Anyway I think it’s pretty unfair for low traffic blogs participating in this money making program – Don’t get me wrong, pasting the widget into your blog and letting it run automatically is a smart and easy way of making money. But then again, low traffic blogs can only make $2-$3 a month whereby they will only get paid A YEAR LATER!

24 months X $2 bucks a day = $48 in total earnings


12 months X $3 a day = $36 bucks where you will need 18 months X $3 a day = $54 in earnings!

What happens to the money that they have earned after they gave up in the program – knowing that they will never get paid? I read the TOS found on Vizu which clearly stated that any publishers who officially wrote a letter of resignation would be reimbursed with whatever amount that they have made from the program. I believe that not many publishers know this. What happens to those that didn’t want to continue using the program and didn’t want to write a resignation or termination letter? The money will all go to Vizu.

A.J. Kohn also said that every quarter, Vizu will be paying whatever amount that you have made from their program. I believe that this is the smartest way of paying your publishers. But then again, it’s not written in black and white – not even on the TOS. The first quarter for 2007 has passed and nothing has been credited into my PayPal account and furthermore the second quarter for 2007 is just next month. Will the money be actually credited into your account? Nobody knows!

What do you think?

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