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Sunday, 29 April 2007
SmortyThere’s another get paid to blog opportunity in town and the name’s Of course Smorty is pretty similar to LoudLaunch, Blogsvertise, PayPerPost and a couple of others. At first glance, they do have a good system of delivering job assignments to you. You can either advertise on blogs or become a publisher yourself.

Well registration is quick and easy. You’ll need to verify your account though. Even after registration and verification, you’ll need to wait a day or two for the system admin to approve your blog. Just like any other paid-to-blog program out there, your blog needs to meet certain requirements (25 in total but they show 4 only):

1. Indexed in Google and Yahoo!
2. Blog must be 3 months old
3. Blog must not contain violent, hate or adult content
4. Blog must be active and contain 2 new posts per week

Income wise, I got 4 offers sitting on my dashboard. 1 offer was $3 and the rest was $6. According to Smorty, they have a unique blogger ranking system which will evaluate your blog and assign blogging tasks accordingly. The criteria below will determine what sort of blog requests that will show up on your dashboard

1. Google Page Rank
2. Alexa Ranking
3. Return rate of given tasks
4. Approval/Decline ratio of completed tasks
5. Number of completed tasks

What I like about Smorty:

1. They pay weekly into your PayPal – Yes it’s Weekly!
2. Blog posts must be minimum 150 words (acceptable) and not more than 500 words
3. At least the offers are a little better than $5 a blog post
4. Affiliate system where you'll get 5% per sale

Well, this is pretty new. I believe Smorty will be successful if they can provide a good list of advertisers on their list so that the publishers can have a healthy source of income. If their approval system is lenient enough, then it should make the system rather attractive.


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How i earn
written by Ken, March 03, 2008
do i earn by post about product about them?
happy hours
written by pau;a, April 22, 2008
I signed-up at smorty because I researched that they offer a great PPP program. But then my blog got decline because of 2 reasons: First was google page rank and second was not enough indexed page. The first reason I get it but I have no idea why my site's not ranked. The second reason, I don't get at all. Since you're an approved smorty user, could you tell me how I solve my problem? thanks!
written by Adela24Martinez, June 30, 2010
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