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Remember Blogkits? Jim Kukral? And the Adsense Saga? PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 May 2007
Kelvin JonckI was right – and Jim was wrong. I did a review on Blogkits a while ago, a few months back and initially it was all thumbs up for their affiliate program. But things just didn’t work out – people just don’t want to purchase something off the affiliate link just to support your blog. Read my grunts about Blogkits in my article here. Oh and if you noticed, the affiliate manager changed to this guy – Kelvin Jonck. Look at the picture on the right...

I receive a lengthy email from Blogkits a few weeks back stating that they have revamped their system. Read it below and see what I think!

We’ve heard you and are responding rapidly! The BlogKits adpools are getting a revamp. Loads of new ads will be up from Wednesday through Friday! During the last week we’ve been running reports that have indicated overwhelmingly to us that sites running the 'support this blog' line of ads that were initially the cornerstone of BlogKits ads - are not making money.

This however is NOT YOUR PROBLEM. You run the ads and you deserve to get paid for them. So read on.........

I'm not sure if it’s got something to do with people's innate aversion to "tipping" or being seen to be overtly supporting or being coerced into purchasing - but we've found that contextually relevant ads without any specific references to 'support this blog'; are far outperforming the old style ads initially favoured. My guess is that your visitors just simply don’t want to feel like they have to support you by buying something – they’d do that anyway if they liked the product!

Well, this week proved to me that the death-knell of ‘blog-support’ ads has proven. By Friday we’ll have removed all the ads with those words off BlogKits and replaced the ads with more generic ads for contextually relevant offers. You may have seen more of these ads making their appearance in your ad-pool anyway.

So, we know that BlogKits has traction. We know that aggregated bloggers can deliver real value and can deliver actual sales and leads. We’ve had some great success stories in the past 4 months of bloggers far outperforming their Adwords earnings. However, for those of you that were running our ‘support this blog’ adpools – you trusted us and the ads we ran did not deliver for you so it’s only fair we pay you anyway!

We’ll be crediting each under-earning BlogKits publisher with a special bonus in the amount of $0.10 per click as recorded in our interface for the period 1 March 2007 through 15 May 2007. This means some of your will get $10, others as much as $1200. We hope this’ll go some way to helping you keep the lights on and show you that we’re as serious about partnering with you to drive sales and earnings from your blogs as you are!

So why’d I do this? We know BlogKits is a winner. I believe that if we change the creative and run ads that appeal better to your visitors your earnings will naturally improve – hopefully dramatically! I would really value any feedback and opinion you would be willing to share.

Please visit our blog to comment on what you think of us offering to pay you 10c per click:


Jonathan Miller
CEO - ForgeBusiness On-Line (Pty Ltd / ForgeBusiness USA Inc
USA: 1800-841-1369 International: +27-12-676-9360

Pretty lengthy huh? Now that they are paying $0.10 / 10 cents for each click I’m in all favor with Blogkits again. I will be placing their code just below the banner and hopefully that someone will eventually click on the ads. Furthermore they have actually credited $8.10 into my Blogkits account yesterday from the clicks that I have generated for them. Pretty decent right? Below is my account summary..

Blogkits earnings

But then again, I have another grunt with Blogkits. When I registered for an account, the minimum amount to checkout your payment was $25. But when I check my account information, it mysteriously changed to $50. I have already identified this problem when I first publish my article few months back and the problem still persists…

Anyone wants to support my blog? Click on the SUPPORT MY BLOG LINK ABOVE! Thank you so much!

PS – I’m putting Blogkits for another month of trial to see whether do they really work out or not.. Else you will get the boot again..
PS2 – Thanks for crediting $8.10 into my account. Appreciate it very very much..
PS3 – You should seriously consider implementing a referral system… What do you think Kelvin? The picture below is dedicated to you, as the last one was to Jim…

Blogkits Kelvin Jonck

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