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Playing the Number Game to Earn More Online PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 June 2007
Money in HandThere are always many ways to earn money online. In fact it can be divided into two:

1. Have a superstar blog like John Chow, Problogger or simply like JohnTP and through just one blog you can earn a five figure income from Adsense, Text Link Ads and other ads on your site.


2. Have 1 simple blog that has decent PR and traffic which can roughly generate $300 bucks every month.

Which is better?

For me, I would definitely choose option 1 – simplifies everything into one and your workload is little. Just update your blog once and up to three times a day and you can see your earnings coming in like a waterfall flowing to you every month.

But let’s face the fact – not everyone can build a superstar blog. It takes a human touch or personality and most importantly time which makes the blog a star. In fact, if you are thinking of building your online empire that can help you sustain financially until you can build a superstar blog, you can in fact have multiple option 2. Like the title says, it’s just a number game…

1 decent blog can earn you approximately $300 per month

Magnify this to 10 decent blogs and your monthly income miraculously multiplied ten times to $3000. This is good income and it’s close to a senior executive’s pay!

I believe that it’s still possible that a person can manage up to 20 blogs. I know someone that is managing more than 40 sites! But personally I can take on 20 blogs without any problems. 20 blogs X $300 = that’s $6000 a month!

It’s just a number game – and as using simple math and not rocket science. Who says that you can’t earn online?


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written by Yee Piao, June 10, 2007
Well, it\'s not a problem having several blogs but it is the frequency and effort needed to put into it.

I see you having several blogs. Do you have a prime job?
Show Us How
written by May Ong, June 10, 2007
I have 2 blogs and each of them does not make $300 a month. COuld you show it to us how we can make $300 a month using your tips/strategies?

May Ong
Hiye there!
written by DotMySpot, June 10, 2007
You can get detailed info on or for starters you can use

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there are more online opps that you can participate.. just remember to refer me when u signup smilies/smiley.gif you can get the link at would really appreciate it very very much..

YP: yeah.. you need frequency.. most probloggers that has huge list of blogs uses an excel spreadsheet to keep track of their blog\'s progress.. as for me, i\'m implementing what i\'ve written here smilies/smiley.gif
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