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Saturday, 17 March 2007
I feel that I should post some money updates here as well and not just in my other blog – Well here goes and this is how much I made since this site was established. You can always check on my blog for screenshots on proof of payments.

Making Money OnlineI made money online on:
1. Associated Content $269.66
2. Constant-Content $55
3. Adsense $48.46
4. myLot $23.86
5. Blogsvertise $35
6. V7N $60
7. Exoclick $10
8. BlogToProfit $100
9. Money4Blogs $35
10. Ciao GBP4.54 / $9

Total: $645.98

I haven’t updated the actual figure yet. This was last week’s figure. I made another $20 on V7N, more on Blogsvertise as well as Ciao and a little surplus on Adsense which is close to $50 already.

So what can I say? There are pros and cons on each and every opportunities listed above.

1. Associated Contentread more here.
You can actually make good money out of it and best of all, you don’t need a blog to earn money out of this opportunity! Compared to other paid-to-blog or pay-per-click opportunities, you’ll need a place to put your ads or articles. For Associated Content, you’ll just need to write and submit articles which are at least 400 words and above with good writing skills. I’ve already submitted more than 50 articles to them and still submitting more pretty soon.

2. Constant-Contentread more here.
Similar to Associated Content, you can actually ‘auction’ your articles off Constant-Content. Just simply write an article and paste it into their submission box. Once prospective buyers place interest by bidding on your article you will get payment.

3. Adsenseread more here.
How can anyone leave their homes without Adsense?! Almost every blogs or website that I have visited has Adsense equipped. Pretty simple advertising program. Just copy the codes and ‘wish’ your visitors click on them and money will be credited into your account. You’ll get payment when your account balance reaches $100they’ll issue you a check. Bad news for people living in Asia – they’ll take 1 month to issue you the check, 1 month to deliver it and your bank will take another month to clear it! Otherwise it is still a good money making program!

4. myLot read more here.
This is similar to a forum where you participate in it by posting messages and replies. You can earn a few cents for each replies or messages you place. However, the real earning potential kicks in when you have tons of referrals under you – active referrals that is.

5. Blogsvertiseread more here.
A not so ‘fussy’ paid-to-blog program where I have actually made good money out of it – not a lot but good enough. You don’t really need a fantastic blog with huge traffic or a high Page Rank. I got even my PR2 blog approved by them and receive some assignments as well. You’ll get to earn between $5 to $10 for each assignments completed. Payment is prompt but you’ll need to wait a month before they actually issue your payment to your PayPal.

6. V7N read more here.
From hero to zero and back to hero! I almost gave up on this money making opportunity. At first I got assignments from them. Then I got into trouble as some of their ‘clients’ complained that my URL was not ‘traditional’ and contain lots of funny characters. Luckily I implemented a Search Engine Friendly URL just a week ago and have been receiving more assignments from them ever since. Payment is super quick –

1. Get PM from V7N staff on assignment details
2. Write your article and PM back the URL
3. They check within a day and issue payment via PayPal

Each assignments are worth $10 each – good money.

7. Exoclickread more here.
Another pay-per-click program similar to Adsense and a few others. I got the $10 by just doing a review on their pay-per-click program and nothing much.

8. BlogToProfit read more here.
One of the best paid-to-blog sites. I received over 20 assignments worth $5 each from them (total = $100). Though I’ve not received any new assignments but the $100 is just juicy and yummy. Payment is prompt (within a day) and they expect you to complete the assignments as soon as possible – 1 assignment per day so 5 assignments you’ll have 5 days. But I did it in just a day so I got $25 payment the next day.

9. Money4Blogs read more here.
Sell links on your website for money. I got one link request only and I earned $35 out of it. You’ll need to place the link for a year and it is a one time payment. I emailed Roberts from Money4Blogs for more assignments but haven’t got any reply. My first link request took a couple of weeks as well. Maybe I should email him daily.

10. Ciaoread more here.
Lastly this is a review and a survey site. You’ll get cash incentives for each survey you have completed. So far I’ve done a few and here are a few tips for you.

1. Never choose any options stating that you or your family members are dealing with marketing, sales, research or product promotion.
2. Always choose options stating that you are the decision maker for any purchases
3. Always try to ‘please’ and choose your options wisely to be eligible for the survey

Ciao is not for everyone – you’ll need a UK bank account or at least living in UK to cash in the money. If you know someone from UK then you are in luck or you just love to take surveys then join Ciao by clicking here!

Hope you enjoy my money update and of course these online money making opportunities! Any comments? Let me know below! Thanks!

PS - Click here to see all the money making opportunities reviewed by

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