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Making Money on Adsense versus Advertlets versus Nuffnang: PayPerClick Style PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 July 2007
Google Advertlets Nuffnang

I’ve been running Adsense, Advertlets and Nuffnang advertisement simultaneously on DotMySpot and I already know who the real winner is in this competition – It’s none other than Adsense! I’ve been running Adsense for the past 6 months on my website and I believe that it’s much better compared to Advertlets and Nuffnang. Why?

Adsense 101

1. They pay per click based on USD which means that even if you get 10 cents per click it’s multiplied 3.4 to the local currency. What about $1 per click? That’s good money. Someone I know got $50 per click!
2. Ads easily installed and can be appear as text links or graphics or anything that the advertiser wants
3. They have a referral system that pays pretty well
4. Appropriate ads will be displayed on your site to ensure higher clicks on ads
5. Huge list of advertisers waiting to advertise their site on yours

Bad Adsense, bad! Why?

1. They have to send the check half way across the ocean to reach my country and it will take another month for the bank to clear the check – not to mention that you have to pay all sorts of processing fees to get this done
2. Sometimes they are too strict on their guidelines whereby a couple of other people got banned for infringing the TOS

Advertlets and Nuffnang Pros

1. Graphical ads will appear on your site and sometimes it’s animated and also if you are a local, these ads will appear appropriate to you
2. You will get a check based on local currency and delivery of the check in quick
3. Advertlets has something different – you can write reviews requested by their clients and in this case your first review would be on Advertlets

Advertlets and Nuffnang Cons

1. Usually there is a high percentage of US surfers visiting a site (depending on your site)
2. Some claimed that graphical ads are not effective
3. Although each click contribute 30 cents to 50 cents max to your coffer if you convert this to USD, it’s not much (even if it’s $1 to $2 bucks, after conversion it’s still small compared to Adsense)
4. Limited advertisers and usually advertisers will choose to advertise CPC rather than CPM

Well this is not to discriminate any of these advertising companies. Of course the key is still traffic. Usually people still earn good income from Adsense, Advertlets and Nuffnang simply because they have huge amount of traffic going through their site daily – speaking of 2,000 to 3,000 uniques per day or more.

Wish you tons of traffic so that you can earn more from your PPC! Cheers!

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