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Sunday, 20 May 2007
Raining MoneyMy money earning journey for 20th May accumulated to

Adsense: $78.64 - $76.06 = $2.58
Blogsvertise: $140 - $112.50 = $27.50
BlogToProfit: $50
Ciao: GBP15.41 or $30.82 (earned $8.78)
SponsoredReviews: $78
PayU2Blog: $140
Commission Junction: $2.50
Text Link Ads: $30.42
Smorty: $24
Advertlets: $3
Total: $366.78

For this month’s money making updates, I will be doing something different. Usually I will post this on Create-Cash Online on Blogspot but exceptionally I will post my money updates here. Create-Cash will have a summarized version instead. So here are my money updates:

May was another great month in making money online. I’m planning to grow my domains until it reaches approximately 10 by end of the year. I’ve made excellent income online and it’s starting to get stable for the moment. It’s great earning online – you can read my pros and cons becoming a blogger here.

Adsense was pretty slow for the month. Not sure why but my personal web stat program detects in excess of 300 over unique hits a day. But Adsense only shows not even half the amount. I can say the month of May is one of the lousiest months in Adsense earnings. It’s already the 20th and I only earned $3.50 for this month with 26 clicks. April earnings was better - $17.06. What’s happening? Not sure… My total Adsense earnings accumulated to $78.64.

Adsense Earnings

I got a couple more job assignments from Blogsvertise. Like Adsense, Blogsvertise is super slow for May. I received only one assignment from Blogsvertise for the month of May. That particularly assignment earned me $10. However, I didn’t managed to update the total earnings for Blogsvertise for last month. It totaled at $140 with 15 assignments.

BlogToProfit has come out from the grave. I’ve emailed them a couple of times asking for assignments – most without reply. Finally they gave me assignments for both my blogs and I actually earned $50 from these assignments.

Ciao is a slow cooker. They have an unsteady stream of surveys coming in. Well I’ve managed to complete a few and my total Ciao earnings accumulated to GBP15.41 or $30.82. I’m aiming at GBP20 before I withdraw the cash.

SponsoredReviews is one of the biggest income earner this week. I got a shock when I actually bid for a sponsored post for $100. I was pretty agitated by the advertisers as most of them decline my offer so I simply place $100 as revenge. To my surprise the advertiser actually accepted my bid. I got 65% of the cash - $65 bucks for the post. I completed 3 and my earnings totaled $78.

Sponsored Reviews

PayU2Blog is my favorite income earner. I earned a total of $380 from them. That’s $140 more from last month’s earnings. You’ll just need a minimum 60 words article and you’re done.

To my surprise, someone else actually bought another web hosting service from my main website – Commission Junction credited another $2.50 into my account.

I would love to kiss Text Link Ads very very much. I got another referral and they will be crediting another $25 by beginning of next month. Secondly, another link advertiser has bought a link on my site which contributed another $5.42 into my money pool. I will be featuring the site on my main site as a note of appreciation very soon.

Text Link Ads Referral

Finally Smorty have credited another $24 into my PayPal. However, I noticed the lack of assignments on this program. I’ve not receive any new advertiser requests after I have completed their assignments.

The new entrant to the money making list is none other than Advertlets. I made $3 in just a couple of days. They will send me a check when my account reaches $30.

PS – I think there are some payments due from V7N. I’ve just lost count but I think there might be some money that has not been credited.
PS2 – I’ve changed the template for Create-Cash Online but I’m not satisfied with the new template. This is also my reason not to post this over at that site.

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written by Anna, May 20, 2007
Hi. My friend said BlogtoProfit stopped giving her links. They said the can only give 15 links per blog...that\\\'d be a minimum of $125 ($5 per post). Have you heard about this, or have BlogtoProfit contacted you after your 15 links about this?
Hiye there Anna
written by DotMySpot, May 20, 2007
Yeah I got somemore links from them.. Initially few months back they stop giving me links for my site.. but they have resumed this month.. btw.. i got 2 blogs registered with them.. let\\\'s hope they will continue passing out links smilies/smiley.gif
Making Money on the web
written by Johnny_Cash, May 20, 2007
In response to your comment on my blog.

I got my $5 from AuctionAds promotion campaign. AuctionAds is giving $5 bonus for TextLinkAds user.

See my post here:
Hiye Johnny
written by DotMySpot, May 20, 2007
ooh.. i didn\'t know that they were giving out $5 into your account.. all i knew was this site didn\'t sell a thing off them smilies/cheesy.gif so i wrote them off.. maybe i should try another site..
written by Jayce Ooi, May 21, 2007
Thank for sharing. smilies/smiley.gif Looking forward to earn more money...
Hiye there
written by DotMySpot, May 21, 2007
:grin Thanks for stopping by smilies/cheesy.gif glad that this helps..

hope u stop by more often.. :zzz
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Julie Zbeetnoff.
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