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Monday, 11 June 2007
Big Pile of MoneyHere are some more money updates for May-June Earnings. My previous make money online updates was on the 20th May and I see that it’s appropriate that I do another money updates now. Here is a summarized version of my total online income:

Adsense: $88.43 - $78.64 = $9.79
SponsoredReviews: $71.50
PayU2Blog: $105
Text Link Ads: $12.98
Ciao: GBP18.91 - GBP15.41 = GBP3.5 or $7
ReviewMe: $30
Advertlets: $16
ReverseLinks: $10.50
PayPerPost: $165.91
Bloggerwave: $10
Total: $438.68

New entrants for the month of May are ReverseLinks, PayPerPost and Bloggerwave. I got unexpected link offers from ReverseLinks which amounted to $5 per link and a total of $15 for 3 links. I got 70 percent while ReverseLinks got the other 30 percent. Secondly, I’m proud that I was able to earn good money from PayPerPost especially that I’m just using 1 blog to earn from them. I did 21 posts which earned me a total of $165.91 which averaged $7.9 per blog post. And despite various bad news about Bloggerwave, I actually did a paid blog post from them and I'm proud to say that they paid me promptly - $10.

For the month of May, SponsoredReviews performed excellently with higher earning ratio per blog post. I’ve seen rising star blogs making more than five hundred a month, but the combination of my 3 blogs can’t match a superstar. Nevertheless, I still made $71.50 from multiple blog posts.

Adsense earnings still remain low with earnings differentiation of $9.79 from 20 days ago. I hope that the earnings will hit the golden $100 mark so that I can cash out the money.

PayU2Blog still remained as one of the top earners for paid blogging which amounted to $105. However, I just receive 5 paid blog requests for this week and that’s a record low compared when I initially started.

Last month was the highest earning month for Text Link Ads with 2 paid links and 1 referral. This month, one of the advertisers pulled out and I still have yet to gain another referral. For that I earned only $12.98 which will be banked in on July.

More surveys came in from Ciao. I made a cool $7 just from completing surveys emailed to me weekly by Ciao. Although the earnings are pretty low, I’m hoping that I will hit the GBP20 mark so that I can direct deposit to my sister’s bank account in UK.

Did a couple more of paid reviews for ReviewMe – not too proud of the price being offered. Nevertheless, I’ve completed 6 paid blog posts which earned me $30. 

Finally, Advertlets has approved my blog post about their company and they have credited the RM50 or roughly $15 bucks into my account.


1. For the month of June, I’m planning to launch my star and I will do my best to develop this blog as a superstar. I’ve found a nice template but I’m having doubts that I should continue using Joomla as my CMS. I might want to shift to WordPress and see how it goes.

2. I’m hunting for more domain names for my future blogs.

3. Looking for a nice domain name for my BlogSpot blog so that I can participate more on PayPerPost.

Hope you like this money update. Cheers!

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