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Monday, 09 April 2007
ClixsenseI found this website on my daily browse in Google searching for more money making opportunity. ClixSense is actually a site where they will pay you for viewing advertiser’s ads. At first sight, I thought that it might be another auto-surf program where you leave your browser open and let the ads run.

What makes ClixSense different?

1. They pay through checks – a minimum $10
2. Only one account per household to curb abuse
3. PayPal, StormPay, eGold, etc all not supported

One thing for sure – advertisers don’t need to worry anymore that their ads are viewed by bots. The fact that ClixSense pays through checks would make it more secure in term of security as it’s pretty hard to forge a name. The downside – recently I went to the bank to cash-in my Commission Junction check. The bank charges a service fees of $10. If I were to request ClixSense to issue a $10 check, it’s like processing a blank check with the bank – the bank gets all the money.

Clixsense advertisers

So you might wonder how much you can earn from ClixSense? I browse through their advertisers and instantly 10 ads appeared. It seems advertisers are paying in between $0.01 to $0.02 when you view their ads for at least 30 seconds. A timer will appear at the top to countdown the 30 seconds.

From my calculations if you view ads at $0.01 each, here’s how much you can earn a day and in a month:

View ads 8 hours a day = 8h x 60 minutes x 2 ads per minute = $9.60
Income per month (30days) = $288

If you view ads 24 hours a day = 24h x 60 minutes x 2 ads per minute = $28.80
Income per month (30days) = $864

The question is, does ClixSense has that huge amount of advertisers where you can view their ads to hit those figure? By viewing ads for 8 hours, that’s a total of 960 ads from advertisers that you have viewed. I think that you’ll have to upgrade to become a premium member in order to be entitled to view more ads. Furthermore they claimed that premium members are entitled to view 525 premium ads listings.

Oh well, here are some other juicy offer from ClixSense:

1. Earn $5 for each referral referred under you who upgrades to become a premium member (I think this offer has expired – March offer).
2. Earn 10% from the revenues earned through your referrals.

Anyone want to give this program a try? I earned 2 cents from them already!

Sign up here. Thank a million!

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Bank question
written by Matt, June 10, 2007
Why does the bank charge a $10 fee? Shouldn\'t they handle it like a regular check?
written by DotMySpot, June 10, 2007
that\'s cuz i\'m not from US smilies/smiley.gif.. and the charges that they put are too freaking high! :x

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