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Friday, 20 April 2007
AdvertletsIf you are a Malaysian and you blog regularly, you might want to make some money out of Advertlets – they are paying Malaysians to blog for advertisers (Malaysians only). Still in Beta phase, I’m not sure what the outcome will be – Would Advertlets be a good source of income? Or would they fumble?

Of course, there are multiple ways to earn through Advertlets:

1. Write reviews for products or services offered by advertisers
2. Allow their poll to run on your site and you get paid based on page impressions and participations by your site’s visitors

An overview on how this site functions still looks fuzzy. Registration is easy and you’ll need to paste their JavaScript code before their poll starts working. Well the first available task on their job lists is to do a review on their site for RM50. However,

1. Like I said, this is applicable to Malaysians only – they’ll send the check to a Malaysian postal address only
2. Minimum amount to check out is RM200 – that’s too high
3. No clear guidelines on how much the polls will earn for you
4. You’ll need to help them generate 100 poll demographics before your account comes live and kicking

I can see that Advertlets strive to provide the best service for advertisers. For example, their minimum requirements are:

1. Required minimum uniques per day – 100
2. Average daily traffic – 250 to 400 daily
3. Their poll has more functions compared to Vizu's polls. Look below:

Advertlet Poll Widget

Pretty high standards don’t you think? Of course I think their widget is pretty advance. It can support multiple poll questions (unlike Vizu). They can support multiple types of other advertisements as well:

1. Video ads
2. Sponsored posts
3. Polls
4. Geolocation targeting

These benefit the advertisers as well. As far as I’m concerned, they have not launched yet. But so far the types of supported ads surpass some of the paid-to-blog sites. Judging from the standards of Advertlets, I have not much complains just that I want them to launch as soon as possible so that I can start making some money out of them! One thing for sure that will make them a huge success - A Referral System. It never fails and I believe that they might develop it in the near future.


PS: According to Josh, their sponsored posts have already started and you can actually browse through them already.
PS2: Josh also said that they might lower the minimum amount to check out in the near future to cater all sort of bloggers in their database.

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sponsored posts
written by Josh Lim, April 20, 2007
Thanks for the review! Btw, you can find links to some of the Advertlets sponsored posts at:

Also, there seems to be a CSS conflict on your site with the Advertlets poll widget, I noticed that the bottom part has the same line pattern background as your sidebar section backgrounds. We will be looking into this, and fixing it soon. Cheers!
written by DotMySpot, April 20, 2007
Hiye there Josh.. thanks for commenting! Esp it\'s in the wee hours smilies/cheesy.gif
written by Matt Jones, April 20, 2007
Nice review! They sound good.... I just have to move to Malaysia!

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