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Thursday, 07 June 2007
Banned from AdsenseI noticed that there are a few people that got banned from using Adsense on their website. Here are few of the reasons why they were banned:

1. Using traffic exchange in extreme (this worries me as well but I’ve stopped using it for a long time already)
2. Fraudulent clicks where someone or perhaps the webmaster click on the ads repeatedly
3. Questionable ads location where the webmaster deceived the visitors into clicking the ads – like putting an image or 1,2,3 with a Google ads right beside it
4. Wrongly labeling the Adsense ads like ‘Please click on these links’ or something similar. It should be like ‘My Sponsors’ or Advertisement only
5. The list goes on and on and on…

It you are stuck in the position where Adsense banned you, you can always try these PayPerClick programs:

1. Exoclick – they serve XXX or mature ads as well
2. Bidvertiser – serving similar Adsense ads
3. Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) – same like Adsense
4. Clicksor
5. LinkWorth
6. Overture
7. Go Click
8. Miva
9. Brainfox
10. MyGeek
11. Gazabo

In fact there are so many other PPC programs out there (just do a simple search on Google – ‘Pay Per Click’), you can use any of these on your website. Last I heard that you can actually earn higher on YPN but Adsense is always the best PPC network as they serve you with the most relevant ads based on the keywords.

Who got banned from Adsense?

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Girish\'s Tech World
written by Girish, June 07, 2007

It would be nice if you could write about your experinces with these programs as well as how much we can earn from each program as compared to google Adsense?
Pay Per Click on my sites & video $
written by Zolaente, June 08, 2007
I have tried the revver videos where they get paid to click on the end ads of the videos. I have even posted tons of videos there myself. I seem to make more on that than any of the pay per clicks. :eek But with all the page hits and viewers I get now it is eating my bandwidth massive.
:upset I use google and advertiser also do sell things off pages with and cj. with others. I made next to nothing on share a sale or even google ads. Are there any ads people really like to click?
If you have any ideas let me know. It could be that my site is now with too many ads or sections so it is hard to find things but, each page pulls up itself in those searches so, Really other than adding hundreds more links I can do nothing. If you have any advise I would love to hear it.
Thanks for sharing your post. I get crazy on those work at home things. One scam article even lead me to my real income source & ways to help people. I was just hoping more than one section of the site would do well.Here is the page I speak of
Hiye there!
written by DotMySpot, June 09, 2007
Hmm.. personally i didn\'t like bidvertiser they way you click on the ads.. and exoclick looks ok.. i think crispads also has PPC but they didn\'t even approve my blog.. well.. adsense is still the best.. but i heard YPN you can earn higher compared to adsense..

anyway good info there smilies/smiley.gif thanks for posting :zzz
written by Matt, June 10, 2007
Personally, I like Adbrite. One option is for advertisers to pay you via CPM. (Cost per 1,000 visits.) This way you don\\\'t have to rely on irregular clicks to earn money, just a steady stream of visiters.
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