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Tuesday, 20 March 2007
Academia-ResearchWant to earn some pretty decent income writing someone else thesis or assignments? You can do just that at Academia-Research. It’s actually a freelance essay writing website where they will match prospective customers who want you to complete their assignments – My God has it come to this already, paying someone else to do your homework.

Academia-Research claimed that they will provide you with high quality writing and with writing standards from United States, UK, Canada and Australia. You will need to submit some writing samples to them in order for them to evaluate your writing skills and then to assign some assignments to you.

Here are some takeaways for you:

1. You get paid $6 to $20 per page (yes, it’s per page)
2. Payment can be made in Paypal, E-Gold, direct deposit in Western Union and checks as well
3. They will pay twice a month into your account

I think you need to adhere to some strict guidelines – something like Harvard format. Once they have evaluated your application and approve it, you will get assignments on their system.

Don’t know about you, I don’t think that my English is that fantastic and I do have writer’s block when completing my assignments in the past. I hate those!

If you want to get paid lucratively I think you should participate in this site. Imagine this, a 20 page assignment with a minimum payment of $6 per page will earn you a cool $120!

PS – It’s time to do other people’s assignments!

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written by vdguzman, June 15, 2007
Please! I needed money and worked for Academia for a few months. The real rate per page is usually only $5 to $6 per page. $9 per page is already exceptional. Writers are not paid on time, and in fact, some are not paid at all. They still owe me almost $400. They don\'t have an office. You try to call them up and nobody answers. They take advantage of writers from countries like India, the Philippines, etc. who want to earn dollars. Writers save yourself a lot of headaches, don\'t fall for Academia-R\'s sales talk.
non-payment of salary to writers
written by Neelam Malik, August 10, 2007
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

I am also a victim of academia-research for not paying me my salary of 3 monthsabove $808. They have edless list of excuses, which are false. They are harassing me for the last 3 months and not paying my dues.
non-payment by academia?
written by lcsantiago, August 10, 2007
i wrote 2 articles for academia on May 2007 and up to now i have not received my salary (3 months delayed by end of august). i just thought it was my bank account number. in this age and time of wireless technology, i am quite surprised myself for academia\'s inability to pay writers on time. im still expecting to receive though my delayed payment. is it hoping againgst hope? is this a frequent and common incident at academia?
not paid by academia
written by ghazal, August 12, 2007
Yes i do agree with you people, they usually make accuses for the payments, well i have just started working on academia, in previous month, and uploaded my articles on time or even before the deadlines, but still no changes in my paid level. :?
is there any other best site which pays actually on time, internationally.
written by DotMySpot, August 13, 2007
I guess that these guys are just a bunch of scammers :O.. Thanks for commenting smilies/smiley.gif Appreciate it very much :zzz
written by Caerberu, May 09, 2008
I have been receiving my payment on a bi-monthly basis for a couple of months now. I've earned $300 working on part time (I have full time work as an SEO).

I have experienced no problems so far with the site and they pay on time. (One time they weren't able to pay on time, it was delayed by 3 days, but on the next pay day they gave the salary a week earlier to make up for the previous delay)

This site is legitimate by the way, and right now they're growing with thousands of writers just signed up.

I also have several other similar sites on my blog (click on my name to view some of them)

Have you tried it again?

*thanks for this blog, very informative
written by Leon28Laurel, June 15, 2010
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written by essay writing, June 22, 2010
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