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Wednesday, 03 December 2008

GoDaddy Deluxe Hosting Coupon

GoDaddy Deluxe Hosting is a great hosting package. There are currently 3 shared hosting packages available on GoDaddy – Economy, Deluxe and Unlimited. Personally, I’d recommend you to subscribe to their Deluxe hosting plan.


While the Economy Plan might be a little cheaper than Deluxe, you can’t host multiple websites on your account.

And as for the Unlimited Plan, it all sounds great as you get unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and can host an unlimited number of websites. The only problem is that they only give you 50 MySQL databases – logically, you can only host 50 sites using the 50 MySQL databases: So it doesn’t really sound that great anymore.

Nevertheless, I’d recommend you to use this coupon code by clicking and applying gdp1134a that will help you save 25% for a 1 year subscription.

I’ve included a snapshot below to show that the code is working:

godaddy deluxe hosting coupon

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