Mid August 2008 Google PR Update
Tuesday, 26 August 2008
PR UpdateAnother surprise surfaced yesterday when Google did another ‘re-update’ on PR. Not sure why they want to do another update, I on the other hand, had some losses as the result of the update.

A couple of my sites with high PR got 0 – I’m not sure what is the motive behind this, but another site got PR3 – and what’s more weird is that it’s a valid PR! (Even though I did not spend any effort in building backlinks for the site)

Personally, I think that PR is dead – but advertisers still place their trust on this ranking system. There’s money to be made – and I’m cashing on these goodies…

PS – and oh, Google stopped penalizing sites which promotes Text Link Ads, so long as you have ‘enough original content’ to compensate your paid links.

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