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Tuesday, 16 January 2007
As written on the title, I really love site stats. It's like my own mini stock market. The higher it goes, the better, as I get more web traffic and ultimately it's more likely that some one will click on my Adsense or view my advertisements. It's kind of erratic everyday and I can’t predict what will happen today. All I can see whether the stats are moving up or down and if it’s a downward trend, something is seriously wrong with the site’s promotion.

So click ‘Read More’ and I shall reveal some of this site’s secrets. Not sure whether it’s a good idea to share this but I’m not really sure it’s a secret as well.


As you can already see, this graph shows how much hits I got for the past 3 weeks. I found out an awkward trend where my hits tend to fall during weekends, particularly on Friday and Saturday. Maybe that’s when people go partying and not many were online. Well I do go party myself during the weekend, so it figures. But for the past week, I got a bull run where I received a lot of traffic from mybloglog and blogexplosion. The good thing about mybloglog is, the traffic from this site is genuine because people are willing to click on your profile and view your site. Where as for blogexplosion, though it is a blog surfing program, people like me who are participating does take a little time to look at the blog, well at least I viewed each site more that 30 seconds.

Top Referrers

Top referrals to my site are mybloglog, blogexplosion and blogsoldiers. There are plenty of email referrals and there’s Google as well. Most of my Google searches were on the free online games on my site. I consider referrals from blogs and forums are kind of weak, but it’s still necessary thus ‘a weak necessity’.


On the whole, majority of web surfers uses Internet Explorer and Firefox. I wonder why not many people use Opera as it is also a good and fantastic web browser. I love it very much and it’s fast to load pages. Google tops the hits from crawlers and search engines while Technorati comes in second. I wonder how Safari looks like. Makes me kind of curious.


And finally more than 90% of the site visitors understand English! (lol like duh). Surprisingly, I also have Serbian visitors, Croatia, French, German, Japanese, South Africa, Hebrew, and many more.

I love watching these stats. My own stock market game! Tune in for another round, maybe a month later. Till then, good luck!  

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