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Wednesday, 21 November 2007
In response to Google’s clampdown on sites selling links, IZEA has launched their own website ranking system called RealRank. According to IZEA, RealRank uses different metric system which more or less gives advertisers more accurate info regarding your website’s performance. Look below:

PayPerPost RealRank

However, I personally think that RealRank is not a strong selling point for IZEA or rather PayPerPost. Google still hold the upper hand when it comes to search engine traffic. Who knows, Google might do something real harsh to punish these sites – like de-indexing it from their search engine.

Nevertheless, publishers are the ones who suffer the most – smacked right in the middle between Google and PayPerPost. Publishers just want an effective method that can help them to monetize their sites or rather blogs so that they can pay off their bills.

I find Google guilty of monopolizing the online advertising arena – PERIOD!

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