Getting Your Posts Approved by Advertisers in Paid Blogging Opportunities Particularly in PayPerPost
Tuesday, 16 October 2007
2 GirlsSometimes I get really frustrated by advertisers who are really fussy about their paid posts – it’s really hard to get approval from them. I’m not saying that generally 100% of the advertisers are bad but eventually you’ll notice that 1-5% are really fussy.

For example, I did lots of paid postings on PayPerPost per month on my other blog and there are some posts which didn’t get approved because

1. They say that my paid post is next to another paid post whereby when I checked their paid post is actually sandwiched between two normal posts!

2. ReviewMe said that my post is a none quality post or something which was copied from the advertiser’s site but the truth is that I wrote the whole damn post using my own words with contents or key points or facts taken from the advertiser’s site – what’s wrong with that?

3. A bug in the paid blogging site which fail to verify automatically my sponsored post properly

4. The usual PayPerPost fussiness about other PPC links appearing together with the sponsored posts (where I admit it was my fault) and

5. I didn’t disclose on the sponsored post that it was actually ‘sponsored’ – which I did in every post and I still get the error.


I confess that I do a huge amount of sponsored posts per month (not here but some other blogs) and it gets on my nerves whenever I get an error which was not my fault at all.

For the fact that PayPerPost requires you to disclose in every sponsored posts that it is sponsored – you can place a site wide disclosure logo and a link stating that your blogs do have sponsored posts. You can get the logo as well as the disclosure statement written automatically through

Just take 5 minutes by clicking on the statement which suits you and your blog best and copy the text and paste it somewhere in your blog. Place the disclosure logo in a very visible area in your blog and I believe that you’ll get lesser problems with PayPerPost.


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