Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing: I Made $20 Commission on a $14.97 Sale
Thursday, 27 September 2007
It’s a smart way of doing business – let someone promote your business and get a referral fee. I read somewhere online that people made millions every year through affiliate sales from their referral links. It’s really money making made easy – you do the promotion and earn your commission through the sales while the company gains a customer.

There are lots of affiliate networks out there. Click here to view quick links to these affiliate networks. My personal favorite is Commission Junction. I made $105.40 in the month of April and until recently I got a small sale – a $20 commission for a $14.97 sale. It’s pretty weird as not only the sale did not reach $20, they company (1&1 web hosting) was willing to pay a $20 dollar commission! Look at the screenshot below:

Commission Junction

Well there are lots of merchants on Commission Junction and you can help promote practically any products that you like from the site. It’s really easy to use and I believe that they have one of the best affiliate networking system. One bad side however – you can refer sales through your link and earn a commission but you can’t refer new people to Commission Junction and earn a commission from there. I would give them a 9.5/10 if they have a referral system but until then they are still a 9/10 affiliate network.

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