A Little Charity Goes a Long Long Way
Friday, 10 August 2007
Charity NavigatorWhen was the last time you did charity to contribute back to the society? It’s good to do charity as there are always people in need. If you want to participate in a charity drive but don’t know which charity is suitable for you, you can use this Charity Navigator readily available at CharityNavigator.org to help you search for a charity that is suitable for you.

One charity that comes into my mind is PAWS. I love pets and I believe that every pets out there deserves a better life. There are countless of unwanted dogs, strays and some even regard them as pests. There are dogs being tortured, cats left to starved and other animals which was born and left unwanted. If you want to contribute to PAWS, simply head on to their Charity Navigator site using the link that I have provided.

CharityNavigator.org is proudly setup by Navtej Kohli as part of his effort in creating awareness of the importance of charities. What I like about this man is that he has single handedly raised $150,000 for Tej Kohli Foundation to help kids in Costa Rica to break out of their poverty-stricken situations. I believe that this is a good move and should be made as an example to everyone.

If you want to read more on Navtej Kohli, head to his blog using this link – http://navtej-kohli.livejournal.com

Or you can view a list of Navtej Kohli’s blog using this link here – http://www.bumpzee.com/users/view/Navtej_Kohli/

And finally you can read his press release on his $150,000 fundraising campaign here – http://www.prweb.com/releases/2006/11/prweb471351.htm

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