PayPerPost Limits 2 Articles Per Day Instead of 3
Wednesday, 25 July 2007
PayPerPostInitially PayPerPost allows a blog to publish 2 articles per day and then it was raised to 3 and now they limit it to 2 again. I believe that the recent snag on PayPerPost was due to this. Now that they have decreased the maximum allowable assignments per blog to 2, I’ve been getting assignments from their system again.

I guess everyone was fighting for that piece of pie. With an additional 1 assignment per blog, the effect is tremendous. Blogs that is allowed to post 3 posts is an additional 50% workforce. Do you know that PayPerPost has over 40,000 posties? For example

40,000 blogs X 2 Assignments per day = 80,000 posts

40,000 blogs X 3 Assignments per day = 120,000 posts (that’s an extra 50% or 1.5 times)

I can see assignments popping now and then in the system again. This is a good sign even though I make lesser money but definitely I will get my share for the day.

Anyone has improvements?

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