I Made a ReverseLinks Link Sale! Here Are Some Shocking News
Tuesday, 29 May 2007
Once again, it was months before I actually got a sale on ReverseLinks. Nothing to be proud of, it’s just a $5 bucks a month sale. What shocked me was that publishers only get 70 percent of the total earnings. I sold 1 link for $5 bucks and I got $3.50 from them only. Look at the screenshot below:

ReverseLinks Link Sale

Once again, I didn’t read their TOS properly so that’s why I’m shocked to find my earnings cut automatically. Another shocking news is that they don’t pay until your accumulated earnings reaches $10. Look below:

ReverseLinks Payment

And the final shocking news is that your link(s) needs to be up for at least a month before they actually pay you. So just visualize this:

1. Yay! I got a link sale. Uploads link onto site
2. Waits 30 days or 1 month
3. System verified that it is already 30 days since link was up
4. Verify that you have accumulated at least $10 in your account
5. Makes payment after that

Such a long wait… Text Link Ads would be leading by a 5-0 in the score board leading ReverseLinks…

PS - Dear Santa, I wish that they will come up with an affiliate program. Thank you!

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