Agloco ViewBar Updates - My Opinions
Wednesday, 09 May 2007
AglocoAgloco has sent an email to all its members notifying them that their viewbar is ready to be deployed. What I don’t like about Agloco is that they are another SurfJunky (gone bust) and also Spedia toolbar which is invasive in your system. I’ve joined Spedia and their toolbar sucks. For example the toolbar will run in your PC and it’s pretty invasive. It’s even listed as an adware by Ad-Aware.

What worries me is that Agloco’s viewbar will collect information on the user without their knowledge. Think of this – you won’t even know that the viewbar is capturing your username and passwords silently.

Although you’ll get paid for the referrals surfing under you, it’s pretty meager - $1.25 per five hours. Let’s say you have 100 direct referral, your earnings will be $125 per month – provided that your referrals surf the maximum 5 hours.

Well I won’t be installing any Agloco viewbar on my PC. I don’t want people to eavesdrop on what I’m doing and I don’t want my passwords to leak outside. I’m not taking any chances – WOULD YOU?

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