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Wednesday, 28 March 2007
Reverse LinksSpeaking of building links to your website and you probably should as the next PR update is going to take place soon! This is the time to do a review on a site where you can actually publish links for advertisers as well as buy advertising links on other sites. Similar to Money4Blogs, TextLinkAds and TextLinkBrokers, ReverseLinks sells links as well!

One thing for sure, their website is well designed – much better compared to Money4Blogs. Here you have an opportunity to let advertisers to purchase links from your site depending on your site’s Page Rank. The good thing about ReverseLinks is that you’ll get to set your desired price for the link to be displayed.

For those who want to advertise, there are many sites participating in ReverseLinks. A PR6 site only costs you $18 a month – sitewide! There are more juicier offers if you just browse through their website catalog.

As a test, I placed my desired price at only $10 a month, to see whether there would be advertisers who are interested in purchasing some links on my site.

As for payment, each links needs to be up for at least a month and they will credit the cash into your PayPal with a minimum payment of $10.

You can also set where the link would be displayed on your website and the maximum number of links that you are willing to sell. Take note however, that advertisers might come from these categories:

1. Casino/Gambling
2. Adult
3. Pharmacy
4. Foreign Links

You can always reject any offer that you find inappropriate.

I hope that I will get some request for my site. Furthermore it’s only $10 a month. Good luck!

PS – Here’s a link to their SEO Ranking Tools. I’m not sure what it does, but you’ll get to see your Meta data and the size of your website as well. Enjoy!


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