21/12/2006 Week Update
Thursday, 21 December 2006

Latest Addition on DotMySpot.comActive Image

has something new! If you notice on the right side just below the newsflash box, there is a Newsletter column where you can subscribe to DotMySpot.com Newsletter. The newsletter would be sent out once or twice a week. Also do keep track with the website growth as there will be contests, signups benefits and FREEBIES giveaways very very soon!

#PS: Registration is OPEN! Write about anything and the best article by 1/1/2007 shall win a mystery prize (see picture). The LATEST iPod 80GB!

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Next we have the all new Diving Corner with Dive Master Ushen. Ushen has vast diving experience in the Asian region and wish to share this in his column. For diving enthusiast, keep track of this column. I'm sure Ushen would have lots of interesting topics coming out.

Not forgetting, the Business Corner is also the latest addition to the website. This column would provide information on the online business economy, the growth potential and online opportunities out there.

Lastly, I just put up the Picture of the Day column. Just want to share a laugh with you on funny pictures I found online. I'll be changing it once every 1 or 2 days.

With all these latest addition, I hope that you will visit more often and most importantly ENJOY! Because YOU matter!

#PS: Please REMEMBER to SIGNUP for the NEWSLETTER. Thank You!

#PS2: BOOKMARK the site - press CTRL-D now.

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