PayU2Blog Re-Reviewed! A Reply from Tony!
Thursday, 08 March 2007
PayU2BlogA little update from PayU2Blog! I just received an email from them stating that my blog has been approved and might receive job assignments from them. Of course this is the time to re-review their website and receive a 2nd opinion from

As mentioned earlier, PayU2Blog is another paid-to-blog site similar to PayPerPost, Blogitive, Blogsvertise, LoudLaunch, V7N, and many many more that can’t seem to spill from my head.

I’ve not really received job assignments yet from them, but here’s an email from Tony from PayU2Blog:

Your blog is nice and would qualify.

Are you serious about doing some posts for us ?

I like your blog, and would be happy to add you in and start sending
assignments your way but I need to make sure you are serious about it,
and not just looking for another article on your blog.

If you are looking for review of us I can send you some bloggers to
talk to if you would like, I am sure many would happy to share their
experiences with us.

Let me know.




As usual, business is business and I will accept any forms of assignments. Although it might not be entirely relevant to this blog I’ve received good hits from all major search engines. The past couple of weeks I did a review on tattoos! – It’s one of the biggest hits from search engines, especially cross tattoos. Boy, I’m sure advertisers are pretty happy since they themselves are also benefiting from this as well.

As a reply, Tony from PayU2Blog if you are reading this, I’m serious about getting job assignments from you! Bring ‘em on!

A couple of things that you should take notice:

1. You get $5 bucks per assignment and have to meet the requirements before receiving payment
2. You get paid via PayPal every 2 weeks
3. No negative remarks allowed
4. Advertisers from real estate, retail, medical

As for bloggers that have successfully made money out of this program (mentioned earlier by Tony in the email), you can actually pay their FAQ section a visit to read reviews by them by clicking here.

Try submitting your blog today!

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written by nadia, May 13, 2007
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written by nadia, May 13, 2007
computer science
Daily Life Dreams
written by Sunset, May 15, 2008
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