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Monday, 19 February 2007
Web Graphics OptimizationI think page loading speed plays a crucial role for visitors that constantly visit your site. Think of this

Total page size = 1MB
1. A DSL wouldn’t be a problem as the site will be loaded in less than 1 minute but still too large!
2. 56K modem – Normal speed that it can reach 5 kbps/minute. Site will be loaded in 3-5 minutes per page

Total page size = 500KB
1. DSL friendly – 20 to 50 seconds loading time
2. 56K modem – Loaded in 1 to 3 minutes per page

Total page size = 100KB
1. DSL is king – loads in 10 to 20 seconds
2. 56K modem – takes 1 minute to load

I know that DSL cable connections are widely available in many countries. But there are also a large group of people who are still using a 56K modem to connect to the Internet – at least 70-80 percent of my friends are still using their trusty ‘ol 56K modem. Just imagine that they will take approximately 5 minutes just to load your front page and another 5 minutes to load the contents and another 5 minutes when they press ‘back’. That will ensure your visitors won’t be coming back for anymore.

When designing a website or blog, yes animation is important and yes you need nice graphics to make your site looks nice. But when you do place graphics or animation into your site, make sure that you optimize the size. A simple JPG file can be reduce into a small file using photoshop or any photo editing tools. For GIF, just simply download any tools from Download.com and there you go! – You can now optimize your GIF files.

According to a friend of mine who has wide experience in building websites, he recommends that your website should not exceed 100KB in size – Yes it’s 100,000 bytes. However, many have taken for granted that they have a fast internet connection and forgot about others who don’t.

Ideally, if your website is a blog and you would like to insert multiple pictures, then I recommend that it should not exceed 300KB. Shrink your graphics smaller using photoshop and drop a note to your visitors prompting them to click it to enlarge it.

Hope this helps and optimize your website today!

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