iHome iW2 AirPlay Speaker
Sunday, 01 April 2012
Well if you are shopping around for yet another expensive accessory for your iPhone, iPad or even iPod, you’d definitely want to place your money on the latest iHome iW2 AirPlay speaker, which is the absolutely new set of speaker system for your expensive little toy.

Basically, the iHome iW2 AirPlay stands at 6 inches tall, and most surprisingly, the speaker is actually 25 percent smaller than its predecessor, namely the iW1. Apparently, the smaller size also attributes to its cheaper price tag, in which you’ll be forking out $200 only for the iHome iW2 AirPlay. Also, the iHome iW2 AirPlay is a wireless system, so you’ll forgo all the cluttered wires on your cable. The iHome iW2 AirPlay will be available today – get one if you have $200 to spare!

iHome iW2 AirPlay Speaker
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