Blogsvertise Goodie Bag (Grab Bag)
Thursday, 15 February 2007
BlogsvertiseFor those who have registered for Blogsvertise, I believe that once the site admin has approved your website, you’ll instantly receive 1 or 2 ‘trial’ link request or blog request from them. If you happen to own a blog which is relatively new and

1. Has low traffic
2. At least PR3 (lucky you :), which means indexed as well
3. Been around for at least 1 month


Most likely that 1 or 2 blog request is all that you can get from them. But don’t give up on them yet! Blogsvertise also has something called a grab bag. Think of a grab bag as a bargain bin. It’s actually leftover jobs from other blogs that the blog owner didn’t want to do. Maybe it didn’t fit their criteria and just maybe the advertisers weren’t that attractive at all. You will notice a bag icon right beside your blog’s URL. Click it and you’ll see the goodies appearing. I’ve done a few – 3 to be exact. Some of the pay is quite alright. I’ve received 2 jobs priced at $10 each and one $5.

However, Blogsvertise will take at least or more than 1 month before they pay you. My god! That’s a long wait. My previous January requests which I have completed still haven’t been credited into my account. It’ll be the soonest this week or latest by next week.

So always check your Blogsvertise for any blog requests from time to time and good luck!

Being a Chinese, Happy Chinese New Year and get more AngPaos! Happy Holiday!

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written by Kathy, March 02, 2007
I\'ve been put onto Probation Status; does the affect my priviledge to view the grab bag? Cause I can\'t see it anywhere!
written by DotMySpot, March 05, 2007
I think you\'ll need to wait for the admin to assign you some tasks. it all depends on them smilies/cheesy.gif I got 3.. 2 worth $10 and 1 $5.. that\'s all i got
written by Jordan, November 26, 2010
How I wish I had stuck to my website long enough, I just sold off my domain and look at this offer by the blogsveryise it is amazing I had an average tariff and was around for 2 years look at how I could have received the trialђ link request.

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