DARPA Phoenix Program
Monday, 24 October 2011
Over the past couple of decades, there have been countless of satellites placed to orbit the Earth. Apparently, the decades of satellite placement activities have made the Earth’s orbit into a huge junkyard, in which accounts to countless of disabled satellites that are still orbiting the Earth. Surely, it’s extremely expensive to clean the space junk, and it seems that DARPA has the perfect solution to the junk problem.

DARPA has devised a program called the Phoenix, whereby the plan is to place satellite-removal robots in our atmosphere. The respective robots will be equipped with remote surgery and advanced imaging systems, and its primary objective it to operate on the dead satellite, with the bid to salvage functional satellites. Apparently, DARPA wants to place tiny ‘satlets’ which could be embedded on existing deactivated satellites, while breathing new life into them, which can save significant amount of cash in the process.

DARPA Phoenix Program
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