Nyko Zoom Gives Space-limited Kinect Users More Room
Monday, 11 July 2011
When do you do when you live in a rather small apartment, in which you have very limited space to move about, and the space-limitation prohibits you from fully indulging on the latest Microsoft Kinect? Of course, if room space is your constraint, then perhaps you should take a closer look at the Nyko Zoom, whereby the add-on allows you to fully capitalize on the Kinect’s controls that can be executed on limited space.

Basically, the Nyko Zoom zooms your Kinect’s lenses to up to 40 percent, and you can simply outfit the device on your Kinect without any technical knowledge. Also dubbed as glasses for the Kinect, with the Nyko Zoom on, you’ll only require 4 feet of distance from your Kinect, which is significantly lesser than the original requirement. Also, the Nyko Zoom will be on retail for just $29.

Nyko Zoom Gives Space-limited Kinect Users More Room
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