MOTOBLUR Name Phased Out
Friday, 17 June 2011
When Motorola decided to use MOTOBLUR as their graphical UI for their latest smartphones, I’d had a strong hunch that the company is heading towards disaster, as clearly, the brand name that they chose is clearly rubbish. In fact, my hunch was clearly asserted recently, whereby apparently, MOTOBLUR has been phased out by Motorola, given that the public feedback regarding the name wasn’t really that favorable.

Personally, I think MOTOBLUR is the advent of clear stupidity by Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha, as who would have named their graphical user interface as a rather blur and stupid user interface? – I don’t think the name tallies with Motorola reputation in the smartphone market. However, according to an insider’s source, Motorola will be moving away from the name, but they did not elaborate on the new UI name that will power future Motorola smartphones.

MOTOBLUR Name Phased Out
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