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Wednesday, 07 February 2007
Dining beside the beachI haven’t been to many fine dining places over at my country. At least I’ve been to some – and it’s not as classy as those found in Europe or US! Yeah we do have a few ‘nice’ dining places here and there but good ‘ol Asian culture never amazes me – it doesn’t look that nice but STILL melts your credit card before it is even swiped!

It is expensive to eat Western food here. Though the ingredients can be found easily, the restaurants still charges a hefty price. I notice that our pay and currency isn’t that ‘competitive’ compared to others. If you asked me I’d say – GOOD and STAY THAT WAY. Not so patriotic me, I’ve quit my job and ventured online. The pay is so meager that a normal fresh graduate’s pay is only $400 to $600 per month! My last pay was $600.

Nice food fine diningThat alone we could ‘survive’ for a month or so. But for those who fling their wallet open every month those are the ones that waits diligently for month ends – yeah we get paid at month end and not weekly.

To define ‘fine dining’ in my country is eating at ‘Chilis’, Fridays, Strawberry Field, and San Francisco Steak House. Doesn’t sound very ‘appealing’ right?

I did a search on Yahoo! and Google on ‘fine dining’ and found some good restaurant in La Jolla. If I’m not mistaken, La Jolla is actually some sort of a tourist destination. Hmm, I’ve never been there, but it looks quite nice. Maybe the food will taste fantastic!

Fine dining wine!Well, I still want to munch on some good food. Otherwise, my mom is the most fantastic chef on this planet.

#PS - Don't forget the wine!

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