US PC Sales Slump as Tablets Sales Increases
Saturday, 15 January 2011

Although the market outlook for 2010 looks pretty positive, apparently, US PC sales have slumped last year. According to a study conducted in the US, it seems that tablet sales have affected the overall growth for PC sales. Generally, Apple’s sales are on a growing trend, and the top losers are none other than HP, Dell, and Acer. On the other hand, overall PC growth for this year is in the negative region. Also, the biggest gainers for this year comprise of Toshiba and Apple.

Personally, I find these sales figures to be detrimental to Acer’s pledge, and that is to become the world’s largest PC manufacturer. And with Acer loosing a large chunk of the market share, I’m sure Acer’s CEO is now baking in hot soup, as opposed to holidaying in the Caribbean.

US PC Sales Slump as Tablets Sales Increases
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