My Online Odyssey Earned Me Close to $400 Bucks!
Tuesday, 06 February 2007
My Online Odyssey

Not long ago, an Affiliate Expert came and visited my site. This inspired me to write an article on how do you actually make money online. My journey started not long ago – 2 months to be exact. It all started out when I used my credit card to swipe for a web hosting plan to host my so called ‘online business’. But things started to turn the other way around – I did not sell anything but I found out other opportunities through my website.

I learned that you can actually make some money out of your blog, thanks to all the affiliate programs and online opportunities. My 2 months odyssey has amounted to close to $400 bucks earned online!

These are many things that I learned from here. To really tap into an online opportunity, you will need a good website with a PR3 or higher. Also traffic plays a big role when it comes to job assignments. Use the Google Page Rank Checker to see your Page Rank while to see how much traffic is going through your website.

I actually bumped into one self-acclaimed SEO Expert and Marketing Guru, Jim Westergren while surfing online - Very yummy contents. He claimed that he has more than 70 websites running! – That’s what stated on his web. Makes me wonder how he keeps up with so many websites - Unless he is a BOSS that is.

Finally as a word of advice, and I know that it’s not entirely necessary, but PLEASE get a domain name for yourself! It only costs less than $10 bucks a year to register a domain name. You might wonder WHY I’m saying this? – You can actually SELL your domain name when it has enough publicity and traffic. You can actually make good money out of this – trust me. Do a search on eBay, you can find a PR4 selling in excess of $200 bucks. Now $10 bucks growing to at least 20 times the amount – Is this a good investment or not?

Good luck!

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