Sensor-laden SensoGlove: Play Golf Like a Pro
Tuesday, 28 September 2010
Wouldn’t it be nice if Tiger Woods was to teach you on how to play golf – his way? Surely, Tiger Woods must have super-sensitive hands, as clearly, he can make perfect shots while playing golf. Nevertheless, if you want to play golf like a pro, perhaps you should improve your swings, simply by ‘sensing’ what went wrong in your previous shot.

Generally, the SensoGlove is a sensor-laden golf glove, whereby the wearer can wear this particular glove while teeing, and the glove will automatically read the user’s grip pressure. Also, the SensoGlove will collect data from your swings, and it can display such information through a sweat-proof 1.2 inch LED monitor, which is situated on top of the glove. Surely, the SensoGlove can give you warnings whenever you exceeded your target grip pressure, and it even can the capability to show you which fingers are squeezing the golf club too tightly.

Well you can purchase the SensoGlove for just $89 – a bargain for golf lovers right?

Sensor-laden SensoGlove: Play Golf Like a Pro

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In Golf there so many things that needs to be good one for a perfect play I think that Gloves are one of them The Sensor laden Senso Glove is really good one and it make the player so comfortable.
written by dog harness, November 25, 2010
The SensoGlove is a sensor-laden golf glove. I think it is good for you when you wear it.

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