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Monday, 05 February 2007
Orble paid blogI have registered for Orble for quite some time now. Almost everyday I receive a traffic stat report from them in my email – how many visitors have visited my Orble blog.

You see, Orble is actually a community where a people can register for a free and not so free account and start blogging.

Goodies when using Orble:
1. You get free traffic from Orble community coming through your blog
2. Lesser burden to market or promote your blog
3. You can append your Adsense into your blog – 50% share with Orble

Not only you can blog, you can also earn some income from Adsense. I’ve blindly posted a blog post over at Orble and for the first week, there are actually 20 people who viewed it. Their FAQ stated that 50% of the time, your Adsense will appear.

Due to the fact that I already have a blog, I am using Orble as a traffic diversion – divert part of their traffic to my main blogDotMySpot.com. Saves time and effort in blog promotion.

Once again, there’s no referral system so forget about getting a ‘juicier’ income.

For those who want to participate in Orble, visit their main website by clicking here.

Good luck and have fun!

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