My Verdict on BlogKits Vs. Adsense
Sunday, 04 February 2007
BlogKits Jim KukrelHere’s my verdict on BlogKits Vs Adsense after more than 2 weeks of battle.

Final Verdict: Adsense leading by 2-0 over BlogKits.

So is it a bust or still plausible that BlogKits can earn some income?


Well the fact that you will only earn when someone

1. Someone clicked your link
2. Redirected to the other website
3. Sign-up
4. Make a purchase
5. Then only you get a payment from BlogKits

The process is quite tedious and long. 90% won’t even bother the advertising banner being displayed. The 5% who clicked on the banner just wanted to see what’s going on the other side – curious. And 3% who wanted to buy got confused by the registration procedure. The remaining 2% possible buyer really wanted to buy the product, but unfortunately didn’t have a credit card with him or her.

It’s only 0.0001% that you will get a sale done. If you have 300,000 traffic a month, you will make 30 sales. Unfortunately, not everyone has a high traffic website. 90% of normal blogs or website has only 1% to 10% of the 300,000 traffic.

Furthermore, BlogKits does not have a referral system. It would be much more juicier if they implement such a system. I’d recommend people to use this program just for the referral. Too bad – they have none.


It might work if you have

1. A high traffic website
2. A website that has been around for quite some time and is targeted at recommending and selling products
3. Loyal fans for your website
4. Spam 100 million email and hope that 0.0001% might buy something from there.

So I’m sorry BlogKits, I’m going to boot you out from – you are eating my bandwidth you!


#PS2 – A tribute for your effort Jim

Jim Kukrel

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written by Jim Kukral, February 04, 2007
LOL, awesome. Actually, you have it backwards. Blogkits is built for low-traffic blogs who aren\'t making money through Adsense or other methods.

So just because you didn\'t get a sale doesn\'t mean that a vast majority of our users are/have. Check out this testimonial from Mathew Ingram.

written by DotMySpot, February 04, 2007
Jim, you found my website @@\" how did u find this place? @@\"?

Hmm, I\'m honored to get you visiting my web.. good to have you aboard!

You know what Jim, it\'s just that my traffic isn\'t that fantastic, so using this as a yardstick, Adsense actually has a little more earnings compared to Blogkits..

2ndly, my web doesn\'t really promote products so I don\'t think people coming through here are ready to buy anything but rather their hands tends to like to click on things, for example Adsense links..

Well like I say, it\'s still plausible to earn from Blogkits provided you have the right conditions - it just didn\'t fit into mine. To let you know a little secret, affiliate marketing such as CJ or LinkShare doesn\'t work here as well smilies/smiley.gif

Lastly, once again I\'m sooo honored that you stopped by my web :zzz it made my eyes :x
written by Jim Kukral, February 04, 2007
Tell you what, give blogkits 30 days. Put a banner ad in your sidebar, and put a text ad at the bottom of every blog entry, for 30 days.

If it doesn\'t outperform Adsense, then I\'ll be wrong. It might not, but at least give it a real shot?

Keep me in the loop. Please email me when/if you get those ads put in and I\'ll personally look at your blog and make suggestions.

We can make this work!

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