Want to do a Nose Job? Meet the requirements 1st!
Saturday, 03 February 2007
KellFor those who are following closely on my articles, there has been an increased discussion on rhinoplasty or rather a ‘nose job’. For those who are really interested in getting your ‘nose done’, be cautioned! There are pre-requisites for a candidate to undergo rhinoplasty surgery.

You should at least meet some of the requirements stated below:

1. Age – It is actually recommended that you are at least 13 years old or at least have gone through puberty. The reason is obvious, teenagers are still growing and their face tends to change over time. A person that is 13 years old would not look the same when he or she is 23 years old. Of course, people who are well off age can undergo rhinoplasty.

2. Health Conditions – For those who are poor in health or have diabetes, it is not recommended that you should have a rhinoplasty surgery. This applies to those who have sensitive nose or sinusitis as it will injure the nose after surgery.

3. Affordability – Rhinoplasty surgery is not cheap. A qualified surgeon might charge you in between $3,000 to $6,000 just for a simple procedure. As a personal suggestion, never go for unqualified surgeons – even though they are cheap. This is your nose we are talking about! Right?!

Lastly, always do your own research before opting for a surgery. Check your doctor’s details and if possible, get several recommendations from those who have gone through rhinoplasty themselves. If you are living in Orlando, you are in luck! – Search for Orlando rhinoplasty!

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