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Thursday, 01 March 2007
Coffee CupI’ve encountered many bloggers who have successfully ‘lived’ of the Internet – or are making a living off the Internet. Some of these bloggers are

1. John Chow
2. Darren Rowse – count him in although he has multiple online business as well
3. LiewCF
4. KennySia – he doesn’t really monetize his blog but considered very famous!
5. Got some more lah, can’t remember all

John Chow made around $3,000 a month. That’s a five figure income in my country. I think Darren makes even more as he has other online business. And there’s this Gobala Krishnan a self-proclaimed Internet Marketer who always send me his ‘affiliate newsletter’ without fail.

I am actually unemployed – I'm serious and have been so for almost a year. It also means no income for me! I was fascinated that there are in fact people living of the Internet! I liked this idea and started my research in December last year. I tried to start affiliate marketing and sell some products like an eBook. I even authored my own eBook as well – The results - $0 sales. It prompted me whether are all these people a SCAM? Those that blindly put a five figure income in their so called ‘blog’ and are still making the same figure month by month?

At my current rate, I do make some money online. Not a lot, but enough to survive. Some life-experience from my journey:

1. Experienced ‘full-time’ blogger advice newbies not to jump directly into the bandwagon. I didn’t follow his/her advice and went 'full-time'.

2. Give 2 months to fully develop your site and start earning money – I didn’t follow this advice as well - Spent day and night for a month to develop this site. 

3. Adsense will kick in big time in a year or so – true, but other types of income such as paid-to-blog is quite lucrative as well.

For those who still are wondering whether you can survive online, the answer is yes provided you fulfill some criteria

1. Forex is important – it magnifies your earning potential in other parts of the world. You can’t live off paid-to-blog or paid-to-write opportunities in US or Canada and UK but it is possible here in my country. Can you imagine a fresh graduate’s pay is only $500-$600 in my country? It’s not difficult to make this amount in a month.

2. Paid surveys – non-existence other than in US or Canada. But if you know someone from these countries, you can actually make good money out of it.

3. Affiliate marketing – only if you are good enough :D but pay is slow and to bank in the check takes forever!

4. All so important referral programs! – Use the power of leverage to help you gain more money with lesser effort.

5. Be sure to know how to cash-in your money from PayPal - Yes, PayPal doesn't have direct deposite in SOO many country. Find out ways on how to do this! I know a trick or two.. :D

So if you were to ask me whether it is worth it, the answer is yes as I have more time for myself. And secondly, I don’t answer to anyone including the big and ugly boss that I used to see. Office life sucks and traveling to work everyday with the road full of cars make the matter worse. But I still can't answer this question - What do you work as? Makes my eyes -->@@"?

Gooday to you!

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Successful Online Money Making !
written by matt608, March 01, 2007
Some wise words.... Keep it up! You have come so far!
Making money on the web
written by Johnny_Cash, March 03, 2007
Don\'t give up!

Add oil! (Chinglish)
Earn 1004$ in four days
written by Pham Van Thu, March 04, 2007
1004$ in four days
Earn 1004$ in four days -
written by Pham Van Thu, March 04, 2007
written by Adam, March 04, 2007
I believe that they do make that much money. You are missing another person - 5Xmom. She makes more than $1000 a month.

I too am unemployed and am living off my blogs (I have 5 at the moment). However, you are right about the forex thing. I would definitely benefit if I were in Malaysia instead of in the UK where $2 is approx.
written by Lisa, March 05, 2007
Too bad Yahoo thinks the whole \"worldwide\" web is American. We will not be accepted into their YPN Network.

Thank God for Google.

Keep it up. Think of how much you save on gas by doing this. And I so agree with the forex angle.
written by earl-ku, March 06, 2007
you left out

he is making 100 a day from adsense ... and not to mention the proton banner up there....only god know how much he is making ...
ya ya :D
written by DotMySpot, March 07, 2007
Not forgetting your website as well..

hm.. 5xmom as well.. she has so many sites running!

hmm.. who else ar?.. can\'t remember all leh smilies/tongue.gif ehhehe...

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